Miles and Miles of Redd

Someone has been very busy at 77 Bleeker Street in Manhattan.  In between taking on country by storm with his cheeky yet classic interior decorations, Miles Redd has found time to compile a comprehensive monograph of his work.

I say this with a smirk on my face, because in the spring of last 2011 I attended a symposium of Miles at the Charlotte Country Club.  Miles, suited in a pink woven (most likely linen) blazer, was delightful and amusing while showing slides of his work.  He added personal stories about the his career, the homes he’s decorated and his life growing up in the south.  One story that particularly stood out was of how his mother loved dressing Miles in pastels.  During the Q & A session an audience member asked if Miles was planning publishing a book.  I can not remember his exact response but it was along the lines of, “maybe later in my career.”  Well I guess 16 month is late enough.

Miles Redd’s townhouse NYC via NY Social Diary

 What he came up with is a whimsical and inspirational book filled with photos of his work, that you’ll want to see over and over again.   there’s little background info on Miles in the book but a quick Google search will lead you to “miles and miles” of press clippings. Although you may I be well aware of Miles’ span of work, I decided not to publish various  project photos from The Big Book of Chic.  I think it  would be much more fun to introduce or re-acquaint yourself with his designs when you get your own copy of the book.  Instead I though it would be a treat to focus just one project, Miles’ New York townhouse.

The front door of Miles Redd’s townhouse NYC via NY Social Diary

I always say, “Good design starts with the front door”.  Miles chose a pale green gloss painted for his door coupled with polished silver hardware and flanked by to simple yet classic columns.

Atlanta native, Miles in his Manhattan living room. via NY Socia Diary

views of Miles’ living room via NY Social Diary

Miles’ living room via NY Social Diary

Miles’ living room via NY Social Diary

Miles’ living room via NY Social Diary

details Miles’ living room via NY Social Diary

 There’s so much to see here!  Aside from the upholstered zebra skin doors again with silver nail heads and hardware, pink, blue and red color palette,  along with clever patterned pillows mix the elegant with the uncanny.  A hearty collection of books,  accessories, and Art work round out the room. Note the painted pattern on the wood floors, and the custom red lamps shades that unify the living room.

Miles’ kitchen via NY Social Diary

detail Miles’ kitchen via NY Social Diary

Miles’ kitchen via NY Social Diary

The kitchen merely serves as an extension of the rest of the house.  Inspired by the kitchen of Gosford Park, black gloss wall, cabinets, and ceiling, off set by lots and lots of reflective surfaces.  The countertop is glass , the backsplash is mirrored , and  wood floors are glossy.

Flying high,  It took several jumps off that chair for Photographer,  Paul Costello to capture this now iconic photo of Miles in his mirrored bathroom.  Photo by Paul Costello

vintage sink via NY Social Diary

Miles bathroom via NY Social Diary

vanity via NY Social Diary

Miles found this entire mirrored bathroom ten years ago in a Chicago salvage warehouse, and had it installed in his townhouse.  It was originally designed by David Adler for banker Lester Armour.  He calls the bathroom his “crowning glory”

vestibule via NY Social Diary

details via NY Social Diary

Miles’ Mirrored canopy bed via NY Social Diary

views of mirrored canopy bed with silk tripe taffeta fabric via NY Social Diary

Miles’ bedroom via NY Social Diary

Miles bedroom via NY Social Diary

Miles bedroom, decor books and Rene Gruau illustration  via NY Social Diary

The bedroom is dominated by the mirrored canopy bed upholstered with Brunshwig & Fils’ striped silk taffeta fabric.  The fabric is duplicated on the box spring. Miles believed, “an exposed box spring is like a fly in the soup…unsightly.”  The comfy room is filled with more delights!  Notice the shell sconce above the mirror and the upholstered upholstered grey door leading to Chateau De Versailles.  Oops I mean the bathroom.

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What do you think?  Are there any fine details you noticed or would like to duplicate?  As always your comments & thoughts are always welcome.