From High Point to Your Home: A Showcase of Unique Designs at Market

In the vast sea of bankable designers, beautifully appointed furniture showrooms, and fabulous cocktail parties at the High Point Furniture Market, lies some of the most wonderful small vendors with incredible designs.  My second post on the “Market” focuses on them!

It’s from these vendors that Boutique Shop Buyers discover that one-of-a-kind vase you will give as a wedding present and Interior Designers find a “knock-out” pendant to go over your dining room table.

First up on our tour is SkLo.

Hold Vessels & Hooks, Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak Designers, SkLo Studio

SkLo is the brain child of Pavel Hanousek, founder of Fusion Z, and husband and wife design team, Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak.  They’ve come together to produce hand-blown glass designs using traditional Czech glass blowing techniques. By the way, Sklo is Czech for glass.

Side view, Hold Vessels & Hooks, Karen Giblet & Paul Pavlak Designers, SkLo Studio.

The Hold Vessel & Hook are clean, simple and modern.  And since they are handblown, no two vessels look exactly the same.

Front & Side views, Double Lasso Pendant, Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak Designers, SkLo

Imagine having this work of art hanging above your bathroom vanity.  Talking about amplifying the mundane!

Lasso Table Light, Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak Designers, SkLo

A sculptural table light that would be perfect for accent lighting on your entry hall table or on your bar.  This is bespoke design at it’s best!

Another glass design that I found to be both unique,  trend-setting and a great design is the Phantom Dining Table by Glassisimo.  I love love this table, but the question is do You love it?  After all you are the “end-user”!

Phantom Dining Table, Glassisimo

While this table is “happening”, trust me, the Phantom Dining Table has more applications than in just a contemporary setting.  Put it with the right chairs and it stands out as a one of a kind and sophisticated piece.

Paramount Extra Large 3-drawer chest, Bungalow 5

The Paramount Extra Large 3-drawer Chest, (Yes, that’s its name.)  Certainly made its way onto almost every style-spotter and market blogger list!  It certainly earned the bragging rights. It’s show-stopping lacquered painted finish, offset with silver ball pulls and carved facade come together to make it an extraordinary Market find.

faux-shagreen dresser, Regina Andrew

Accented with a gold base and gold twig handles, This faux-shagreen dresser is a no-brainer among good Market designs.  Oh and guess what?  The drawers are self-closing.  Neat!

Bluhm Credenza, Bevara Design House

The organic door panels of this teak credenza , by Bevara Design House,  gives it 1960’s form, with a splash of ’70’s vibe.

Mercer Dining Table. Artesia

While not a “new” Market item, The Mercer Dining table, made from reclaimed teak, is still one of my favorites.  It’s family friendly, stylish and it can go out-doors, under a covered porch.   That kind of versatility makes it a safe choice for a great Market design.

Collectors Cabinet, Global Views

It seems that every Market Global Views comes out with one stand-out design.  This Market, it’s The Collector Cabinet.

Cabinet, Camilla House Imports

Finally, the mirrored cabinet from Camille House Imports.  It would look great against a richly painted wall in your home.  Perhaps Benjamin Moore’s Autumn Purple.

So there you have it. A roundup of some of Market’s incredible designs from small vendors that will be making its way to homes around the world soon!

As usual, if you see something you like, would like more information, or want to know where to buy,  contact me and I’ll be glad to help.  In the mean time feel free to post a comment on the designs you love.  The comment button is at the top of each blog post.