Techo Tuesday: Burned by Desire

With winter only a couple of weeks away, I can’t help but  think of pleasure a nice warm  and inviting fireplace brings.

 In my apartment in North Carolina I use to curl up on the rug, with my dog, and sleep in front of the fire.  My new apartment in Georgia has no such luxuries, but never fear, with each design problem is a solution.

 Today well look at eight new breakthroughs in the home design have revolutionized the fireplace; some with little or no installation, or dried wood for that matter.

globe fireplace

Globe fireplace from Vauni

globe fireplace

Globe fireplace from Vauni

Cupola fireplace

Cupola fireplace from Vauni

 Vauni makes it easy to curl up next to the fire with a book or cocktail with these unique and unforgettable fireplaces.  Best of all; they are mobile and require no ventilation, so they can be installed anywhere.  The flame is fueled by bio-ethanol Alcohol.  One can adjust the heating effect and flame size. They are designed from lightweight aluminum and available in two finishes cast iron and polished black granite.

Brasa Fireplace

Hudson fireplace from Brasa Fireplace


Mercer fireplace from Brasa

Avanti by Brasa

Avanti fireplace by Brasa

The Hudson, Mercer and Avanti portable fireplaces, all by Brasa are fueled by denatured alcohol fuel (Bio-ethanol Alcohol).  Since there is no wood, they are environmentally friendly and fuelled by renewable green energy. They can be use both indoor and outdoor and no vents or installation are required. The flame is regulated and can be controlled or extinguished at any time.

Sloaris Gas fireplace from Heat & Go

Sloaris Gas fireplace from Heat & Go

Levitating flame Solaris Gas fireplace from Heat & Glo

Solaris gas fireplace

Solaris gas fireplace from Heat & Glo

Inspired by the sunset, Solaris is a contemporary fireplaces from Heat & Glo, What’s so clever about the Solaris is the “levitating infinity flame”. It is a direct vent gas fireplace and does require professional installation.  The fireplace is available in two models. Solaris36-ST, a thin see-through fireplace and Solaris 36-MR, a two-sided fireplace featuring the infinity flame, which provides a 6-foot deep illusion of flame and lighting effects.

Antraz Fireplace

Bubble fireplace from Antraz


Bubble fireplace from Antraz

Brilliant product designer Andrea Cosetta has Designed a fireplace that also hangs on the wall for Antrax.  With over 100 colors available there one to suit every decor! The new fireplace is also eco-friendly since it needs no dry wood and match to lit the fire. Instead, it uses  a bioethanol as its fuel.

Areis stainless steel fireplace by Cocoon

Areis stainless steel fireplace from Cocoon Fires

Aeris stainless steel fireplace from Cocoon

Aeris stainless steel fireplace from Cocoon Fires

Aeris from Cocoon

Aeris stainless steel fireplace from Cocoon Fires

 Aeris  is a definite head-turner.  Designer, Federico Otero, for Cocoon Fires,  blended beauty and functionality to create a contemporary fireplaces made of stainless steel.  The Aeris  can be installed in any room of the house and also works with biofuel.   It’s completely smoke free making it clean and environmentally friendly. The product stores up to 1.5 liters of fuel and produces fire for up to six hours. Best of all is that the fireplace can be used all year round, as an ice bucket, to store bottles, glasses and even food!  Now that is clever design.

Let me know what you think.  Would you consider…



Techno Tuesday: Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Bathrooms are at the top of our to-do lists when it comes to home remodeling projects, and more design clients are considering high-tech options.  These sometime pricey gadgets feed our increasing urge to stay connected in and wired.  Here is a sampling of bathroom mirrors designed to enhance our experience in the bathroom.


The TV Mirror takes multi-tasking to a whole new level.  Now you catch up on the morning’s news while shaving, applying makeup or brushing your teeth.  If you think about it the application could extend to other rooms of the house.  Rather than covering you flat screen TV with a mirror, the mirror could become the TV.

The mirrors and TV are available in a wide range of manufactures shapes and sizes.  So does the cost.  I presented this idea to a client 7 years ago, and the price has come down considerably since then.

anti mist LED mirror Eccleston Square Hotel from Eccleston

Luxury hotels like the  tech friendly Eccleston Square Hotel embraced this technology rather quickly, as an added amenity to an ultra-modern experience.

The Maitre Mirror from Stocco

Now you can take your iPod to the bathroom with you.  Stocco of Italy designed a mirror with a touchscreen console to control, a built-in radio, clock, barometer, and MP3 player. 

Tooth Guardian Brush from

This concept tooth-brush designed by Yu-Hsin Lin, Chu-Che Chang and Shang-Hsuan Lu that allows you get up close and personal with your teeth.  The LED integrated camera takes a look at your teeth while you brush, and displays an image in the bathroom mirror.  You can see how well you brush, and spot oral problems early.

Reveal Mirror form R&D Labs

New York Times R&D Labs has taken the bathroom mirror concept even further by integrating interactive computers with a mirror. By using a special semi-reflective glass surface, a client is able to see both a normal reflection as well as overlaid, high-contrast graphics. You can view calendars, news feed, as well as personal data.

I think these mirrors are just a mere “glimpse” into the future of bathroom design.  Soon we will question how we ever lived without them.  So sound off and tell me what you thinks?   Would you consider incorporating these products into your bathroom remodel?  The comment button is at the top right of each post.