“Hello Lover!” Luis Bustamante

It might not come as a surprise that we Interior Designers develop crushes on other designers all the time. It may be a fascination with a designer we admired while in design school, or a designer we just stumble across along our own careers.  Here the first introduction of one of many of my design crushes.

L o u  i s   B u  s t a m a n t e

Bustamante is an Interior Architect based in Madrid.  Luis studied fine arts at the University Complutense of Madrid.  After school he began his career as a sculptor and painter.  In the ’90 he decided to turn his sights on Interior Architecture.  First he design in Madrid for 8 years and Mexico for 5, then returned to Madrid as  a jet-setting  designer, completing  projects in London, US, Mexico, Switzerland,  the UK, , and Venezuela.   

Luis combines superior materials, and furnishings with classical elements that creates a simple and sophisticated space that expresses a tasteful level of energy through the use of the color red.

At first glance one can not help but notice the plan of this room is arranged for comfort, conversation and relaxation. The clean white fabrics and window treatments along with the reflective mirror and high gloss paneled ceiling give the room a well-balanced glimmer.  I can only imagine what it look like at night with artificial lighting.

 In the kitchen, the basic color palette of red white and black fabrics and finishes serves as an aesthetically pleasing  back drop allowing the sculpture and art work attract attention.

Again restraint and tasteful elegance are exercised in the selection of textures, finishes, furnishings and fabrics.

Everything in this bedroom contributes to an atmosphere of peace.  As with each of these rooms, I can imagine myself happily occupying the space .

So there you have it, the first of my design infatuations. If you would like to learn more about Luis Baustamante and see more of his Interior Architecture you can order his book by clicking on the book cover below.

Luis Bustamante: Interiors [Hardcover]

All photos from Luis Bustamante

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