Black is Beautiful And Not So Spooky

Ok it’s a bit ironic that as Halloween approaches, I bring up black as a wall color. But I dare not jest.  Black is a bold, demanding, and a sophisticated color choice. Sure it could be dangerous, but it won’t flop if you let the characteristics of black work to your advantage.

Cindy Gallup in her bedroom, all black apartment,  from Cindy Gallup

If unconventional defines your design style then drive it home with all black.  Black walls, black ceilings and black floors.

living room, Cindy Gallop all black apartment, from Behance Network

It took little convincing from  Designer, Stefan Boublil to get Cindy Gallup to step over to the dark side in her Chelsea, New York apartment.  He painted the space a high gloss black to reflect the light in the space.  The high gloss or lacquer finishes are applied with a paint sprayer and requires a coat of lacquer-based primer, two coats of lacquer-based paint and 3 coats of clear lacquer.  This is serious business.

dining room, Cindy Gallop all black apartment, from Behance Network

pink chair, Cindy Gallup all black apartment, from Cindy Gallup

gallery of art, Cindy Gallop all black apartment, from Cindy Gallup

flowers, books and accessories, Cindy Gallop, all black apartment, from Cindy Gallop

The concept work masterfully.  Everything pops, from the fabric, to the art, even the most simple belongings.

Black is not just for the brave or avant-garde clients.  It works well in traditional homes too.  Again the art, furniture and light burst off the canvas.

black, white and grey stripes from

You can test the waters with a “subtle” effect of black, grey and white stripes reinforced with glossy black doors and molding. Did you notice the sofa?

yellow tufted headboard against black wall. from

The same concept works in conventional environments with the same results.  Black as an accent wall color makes other colors pops and the fabrics, furnishings, and art come alive.

Perhaps you’re a wallpaper person. This digitally created designer wallpaper by, Iris Maschek  plays with depth and illusion in a room. The mixture of black and white in a woven pattern creates an almost curtain-like effect.

Belgravia Dahlia black wallpaper

A black-based wallpaper with a print in white and grey is more delicate but  still dramatic application of black.

Hollace Cluny Showroom, Toronto, from

Black takes on a new dimension in the retail showroom of Hollace Cluny.  The layered effect was achieved by painting plywood slats a matte black and stacking them on the walls.

Hollace Cluny Showroom, Toronto, from

 The lighting casts shadows and defines the depth of the walls. Amazing!

black bathroom with color accessories.

What stands out notice when you see this black bathroom is not the walls but the colors.  The orange towels, the rich wood framed mirror, and the Celadon garden stool take the forefront.  Think how amazing this photo would be with you standing in it?

opulent gold stand out against black bathroom

The wave motion on the walls and the princely gold fixtures and accessories of this bathroom embraces you in opulent splendor.

So there you have it, bold black spaces that not only shine but let, your fabrics, colors, furnishing, Art and even you become center stage.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.  Would you dare…?

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