Finalists Announced for National Stadium Japan

National Stadium Beijing, Herzog & de Meuron, photo by combinatorial

Remember the  spectacular “Bird’s Nest” from the 2008 Summer Olympics in China.   Well hold to your seats because Japan has announced the 11semifinalist for the new National Stadium in Japan, which will replace the existing stadium designed for the 1964 Summer Olympics.  Here are the entries in no particular order.

Cox Architecture pty Ltd, Alastair Ray Richardson, photo Japan Sports Council

Populous, Rod Sheard, photo Japan Sports Council

UNStuio/Yamashita Sekkei, photo Japan Sports Council

Zaha Hadid Architects, Zaha Hadid, photo Japan Sports Council

Tabanlioglu Architects Consultancy Limited Company, Ihsan Murat Tabanlioglu photo Japan Sports Council

Ihsan Murat Tabanlioglu, Tane / Architects & A+Architecture, photo Japan Sports Council

Azusa Sekkei Co. Ltd, photo Japan Sports Council

Toyo Ito & Associates Architects, photo Japan Sports Council

Sanaa + Nikken Sekkei Ltd, photo Japan Sports Council

gmp International Gmbh, Hubert Nienhoff, photo Japan Sports Council

Mitsuru Man Senda and Environment Design Institute, photo Japan Sports Council

  One entry will be selected for first, second, and third prizes.  The award ceremony will be held later this month.  I will keep you posted. I’ve already chosen my favorite.  Which one is your favorite?



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